Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Back on the blog... At Aberdovey!

Well, it's been well over a year since I wrote on here last due to some life changing events.  I'm not just a thirty something in Wales, I'm a Thirty Something MUM in Wales now!  My little boy is due to turn 1 a week today therefore life has been busy, plus a few dramas but I won't bore you with those details! 

I've been quite lucky to have a wonderful family who've helped me bring up my little one and occasionally look after him for a couple of days at a time so that I can get some relaxation which brings me to where I am today.  Right now I'm sat at the Trefeddian Hotel overlooking the Aberdovey estuary enjoying a cup of tea and shortbread whilst waiting for my spa treatment.  I'll let you know how that goes in a later post! 

It's likely that many of you aren't aware of this little place called Aberdovey - I certainly wasn't!  Not until I did a google search for the best golf courses in Wales.  No, no, not for me... I was looking for it as a birthday present for my partner.  As many of you can imagine, the following Google search was 'Spas in Aberdovey' which has brought me to where I am today.  

It's a lovely little town... About 2 and a half hours from Swansea on the west coast of Wales, just passed Aberystwyth and on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. I would classify it as Mid Wales but I think others would say North Wales.  We took the coastal route to get here and stopped off in Newquay on the way... We live in such a beautiful country!  

Aberdovey itself seems to be a quiet and discreet place.  A few shops scattered in the town and a small selection of pubs and restaurants.  We have come here mid week and the weather has been pretty appauling... Lots of rain and wind so far but apparently it's getting nicer from tomorrow (Wednesday) which happens to be the day that we are travelling home!!!

It must be a popular place in high season and on sunny weekends as there are lots of b&bs, guest houses and hotels... And not your cheap tatty ones, all seem to be of a good/high standard.  We were lucky enough to get a deal staying at the Penhelig Arms in their Bodhelig suite (will tell you a bit about that later too).  

Right I'm off for my spa treatment now, a full 105 minutes of bliss!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Cuppa, Cake & Cracking view? NOPE just crap customer service!

If you've read my blog before you'll know that I'm quite a cheery and positive person but this blog is a little on the negative side.  So apologies for not being my usual self (and the fact this is a little dated as I've been a busy gal)

So, the story begins with being offered the chance to stay at the lovely Manorbier Bed & Breakfast just outside of Tenby on Valentines weekend (which I will point out at this stage is not the negativeness that I refer to... I'll be doing a separate blog for that one as it thoroughly deserves it - top notch)

Back to the story...left Swansea on the afternoon of Saturday 15th Feb (day after Valentines Day so still feeling a bit on the romantic side!!!) and headed down to Pembrokeshire...

Friday, 14 February 2014

Visit to the palace, wet & windy in Whitesands and Scrabble & Pool at The Farmers! (St. Davids Pembrokeshire PART 2)

View from bathroom at Cwtch Cottages
So part 2 of my visit to St. Davids Pembrokeshire is a little late but felt an urge to update you lovely folk on this beautiful part of the country.  Now many of you maybe thinking this time of the year a little 'holiday' should only be in the sun drinking sangria and San Miguels but you really do need to consider the beauty of this country.
Our little trip to St. Davids most certainly took us out of our comfort zone and made us do things we certainly wouldn't consider doing at home and not typical of a holiday abroad.

Here is what the rest of our weekend entailed:

Monday, 3 February 2014

Cwtch Cottages 'Best Home' in St. Davids, Pembrokeshire!

Well, where do I start!  A lovely weekend in St.Davids Pembrokeshire and I must say a BIG THANKYOU to Rachael of Cwtch Cottages for letting us use her beautiful cottages.  I'm probably going to have to write a few blogs to cover our weekend, the things we did and places we went to.  Considering it was a 2 night stay and the weather was a little on the wet & windy side we still managed to squeeze in lots!

So, let's start with this cottage that I've been going on about... firstly, the word cottage has always suggested 'old fashioned' to me - which, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with old fashioned but being a 'thirty something' a girl likes a few home luxuries, like a bit of Wi-fi to feed ye olde Facebook addiction!  How would I describe Cwtch Cottages?  Traditional, with a modern twist!  

Here is how our weekend started...

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Suggestions needed for things to do in St.Davids, Pembrokeshire...

Well, I'm one very lucky lady!  I'm getting the chance to visit the lovely Cwtch Cottages in St.Davids Pembrokeshire this coming weekend.  What this means is that I get to put a pin in my map further west than I've done so before!  But here is my dilemma:  whereas before it would just be me and the other half, I now have 2 boys (7yrs & 14yrs) to keep entertained.    Therefore, sourcing out the best pubs and romantic walks ain't gonna go down so well on this trip!

So, I've consulted with Cwtch Cottage owner Rachael who has provided me with the following fab suggestions, however I'd still love to hear from those with recommendations for things to do within about 30 mins drive from St. Davids - remembering how much of a fan I am of CAKE ;-):

Thursday, 23 January 2014

#NatsPhotoChallenge Days 8-15, intro to Flipagram & photo editing apps

It has to be said that I'm really quite enjoying this photo challenge as it's really prompting me to think about my social media activity every day, explore some photo editing apps and making think a little deeper about life too... very thankful for many things which I've captured in my summary for days 8-15 in this little Flipagram video (part 2)...

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tenby in the winter - absolute bliss! #Pembrokeshire

View from bedroom at Giltar Hotel, Tenby
 I really have to start this blog saying that I truly have the best job in the world!  I get to visit the most loveliest of places and feel truly blessed!  This week I've been lucky enough to spend a couple of days in South Pembrokeshire, and in particular Tenby!

Now most people would assume the Tenby is a summer town.  Don't get me wrong, the place is absolutely stunning when the warm sun is out but there is something beautiful about this place in the Winter.

We were lucky enough to stay in the well known Giltar Hotel overlooking South Beach!  The premier room we had was lush and the view was amazing - not to mention the standard of the rooms.  Absolutely love this place!   So here is why I think you should visit Tenby in the Winter....